“Though human ingenuity in various inventions uses different instruments for the same end it will never discover an invention more beautiful, easier, or more economical than nature's because in her inventions nothing is wanting and nothing is superfluous.”      - Leonardo DaVinci

It has been said that Leonardo Da Vinci's greatest legacy may be his systemic thinking combined with his deep respect for nature and for life. In his mind, the two were closely connected. To gain knowledge, states Fritjof Capra, for him meant connecting it with other phenomena through similarity of patterns. He also saw that as the basis for love. “For in truth,” asserted Leonardo, “great love is born of great knowledge of the thing that is loved.” Thinking creatively, like Leonardo Da Vinci, can benefit all areas of our lives.

"As we recognize that most of our sciences, technologies, and business activities are not life-enhancing but life-destroying, we urgently need a science that honors and respects the unity of all life, recognizes the fundamental interdependence of all natural phenomena, and reconnects us with the living Earth. Indeed, what we need today is the kind of science Leonardo da Vinci anticipated and outlined five hundred years ago." -Fritjof Capra

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